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Worldwide, billions of people experience the joy of football. Played on a square in Amsterdam or on a gravel field in Nairobi, football is fun for those who play, and is a source of inspiration for those who watch. However football is more than a sport. Football helps people to develop. It increases life quality and encourages participation within the community. For disadvantaged areas, developing countries, and many of the young people in those countries, football is a developmental tool.

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A WorldCoach teaches children in a fun and professional way to play (better) football and, at the same time, informs them on important issues, such as the prevention of HIV and AIDS, and how to reduce crime in the area. In short, a WorldCoach is a role model: both on and off the field. WorldCoaches are active worldwide throughout South America, Africa and Asia. From physical education teachers to former professional football players, men or women: anyone can become a WorldCoach.


The KNVB has trained football coaches in developing countries across the world since 1997. WorldCoaches are educated, so that they can transfer their knowledge on football and social issues to future WorldCoaches in their area. In 2016, there were 8,434 WorldCoaches.


WorldCoaches is an initiative of the KNVB (The Royal Netherlands Football Association), but the KNVB does not carry the programme on its own. WorldCoaches is supported by the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, Welfare and Sport. Various Netherlands embassies in participating countries play a supporting role.


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