The Krajicek Foundation

Playgrounds and scholarships to promote sports

The Krajicek Foundation is about ensuring a safe place within neighbourhoods for outdoor sport and play that can contribute to a better future for children and young
people and a sportier, more balanced society. We set up special playgrounds in underserved communities and deprived neighbourhoods and offer scholarships to young people who organise sports activities for children at them.

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The scholarships aim at creating role models for other children in the neighbourhood. Young people receive a study grant in exchange for volunteering at their local playground. We also offer them training and coaching. These positive and motivated youngsters can
inspire other children and young people and contribute positively to the community.


In 20 years, we have opened more than 100 playgrounds all over the Netherlands where more than 4,000 children play games and sports on a daily basis. We also opened Krajicek playgrounds in Suriname and in London. Since 2006 we have awarded 1,227 scholarships. We are convinced our program can also work for other countries.

About the Krajicek Foundation

Tennis player, Richard Krajicek (Winner of the Championships tennis tournament, Wimbledon 1996, in the UK) came up with the idea of the playgrounds in 1996. The foundation is an organisation in which professionals, such as sports coaches, social workers and educationalists, work together.


We would be delighted to share our 20 years of experience and knowledge for the benefit of children and young people in other countries. Please contact us for more information.

Krajicek Foundation
Annemarie Smith
Mobile: + 31 (0)6 22 930 340

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