Quality System sports surfaces and accommodations

To share knowledge with foreign sports associations, sports federations and owners of sports accommodations

In order to secure and further improve the quality of the sports infrastructure in the Netherlands, NOC*NSF closely co-operates with individual sports associations, owners of sports accommodations, producers, constructors and test- and inspection institutes. The manual ‘Quality System sports surfaces and accommodations’ describes the way the parties involved intend to co-operate and the procedures for standardising and testing/inspection of sports surfaces and accommodations.

The aim is realising high quality and safe sports surfaces and accommodations for accommodation owners and athletes, so everybody involved can enjoy sports and exercise as much as possible. Upon completion of the construction, conversion or renovation process or during a re-test, sports surfaces and accommodations should comply with minimum requirements concerning sports functionality, safety, playability, uniformity and durability.

Quality requirements

The Dutch sports infrastructure belongs to the best in the world. Before organised competition is allowed to take place, sports surfaces and accommodations in The Netherlands need to be tested and approved. In this respect, specific quality requirements have been developed per sports discipline. As soon as a sports surface or accommodation has been approved by an accredited test institute, the accommodation owner receives a formal certificate from NOC*NSF or the applicable sports association.

NOC*NSF features know-how and many years of experience concerning the development, implementation and maintenance of a Quality System for sports surfaces and accommodations. Besides, NOC*NSF cooperates with international sports federations on drafting and revision of standards, the development of test methods and the accreditation of test institutes.

More information

Detailed information about the Dutch Quality System ‘sports surfaces and accommodations’ and the related ‘Sportsfloor list’ can be found at: sportvloeren.azureedge.net/media/1023/procedurehandboek-kwaliteitszorgsysteem-2017-feb.pdf and sportvloeren.sport.nl (both only in Dutch available).


Should you like to contact NOC*NSF about the Quality System, you are invited to send an e-mail to: accommodatiezaken@nocnsf.nl.

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