Netherlands-Ethiopian cooperation in sports

Create innovative learning communities in Ethiopia for people with a disability

Dutch Ethiopian Sport Talent Alliance (DESTA) offers a unique podium for pioneering, development and testing of new (sports) knowledge between Ethiopia, the Netherlands and other potential partners. Trainers, coaches, athletes, experts and students work together in multidisciplinary teams. The ambition of DESTA is to create innovative learning communities in Ethiopia with a focus on elite sports, and sports and movement programmes for people with a disability.



DESTA focuses on three areas: analyses and research, advice and implementation and training and education. Knowledge exchange and potential research assignments are realised twice a year. DESTA is a good example of collaboration between two countries through bringing together different knowledge partners with expertise in elite sports. We offer a framework for collaborations between different countries, cultures and organisations that wish to pursue knowledge development in sports.


  • So far, collaboration within DESTA has resulted in the following activities:
    Knowledge exchange between national coaches about elite sports and talent development.
  • Knowledge exchange between national coaches, trainers and athletes for people with a disability.
  • Unique internships for students to gain experience in multidisciplinary teams in an international setting.
  • Data collection with the goal of attaining new insights on talent development in Ethiopia.

The organisation

DESTA is a collaboration between multiple organisations: HAN Sport and Movement studies, Topsport Gelderland, Bike 4 All, Windesheim, RESPO International, DIRES House of Sport and Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy. DESTA was established in 2014.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about our way of working, or if you want to join forces or just share knowledge and experience.

Kevin Serra


Telephone: +31 6 52307235

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