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Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands (Kenniscentrum Sport in Dutch; here abbreviated to KCSportNL) aims to strengthen the impact of sport through better use of knowledge and to increase the level of knowledge about sport and physical activity. More knowledge leads to better interventions, more effective programs and a more competent workplace in sport and physical activity.

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KCSportNL works for professionals and volunteers who look for extra expertise in the area of sports and the activation of peile. This does not mean that KCSportNL works exclusively for the sports sector. It is one of our priorities to make sure that knwowledge about sports and activities also reach governments, healthcare professionals, labour unions and employer organisations, national or regional knowledge organisations, and other public organisations and businesses.

More about the organisation

KCSportNL is an independent knowledge institute and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Helath, Welfare and Sports (VWS). We collaborate in sports and in other sectors with the sectors’ most relevant knowledge institutes. KCSportNL is a member of international networks, such as Tafisa, HEPA and participates in European co-operation projects.


KCSportNL not only collects information and data, but also makes these available to a large audience: our website (at the moment only in Dutch), for example, gives answers to diverse questions, such as: ‘What can I do to help preventing injuries?’ or ‘How can sports and health care prevent obesity?’.

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We have organised meetings and events on top sport and grassroot sport. Over the year, we have published reports and developed programmes on a wide range of topics. From tips and tricks to engage adolescents in sports during puberty to programmes that are focues on sport and PA for disabled people. Furthermore we are responsible for issuing this Sportfolio, which can also be found in the English part of our website.


Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands has an excellent overview of the sports sector in the Netherlands. As an independent organisation, we can serve as your gateway into the Netherlands. We can help you to get in contact with succesful projects and effective interventions. We are also interested to learn more about your good practices, knowledge and effective programmes.

Kenniscentrum Sport (Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands)
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