Green mobility

Company bicycles provide green mobility

Companies want healthy employees, and practice corporate social responsibility at the same time. Bicycles offer a solution to both these challenges and promote green mobility for both employees and customers or clients. Kenniscentrum Sport developed this clever green programme.

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We offer employees who live more than five kilometres away from a train station a bicycle for the daily ride from station to office and vice versa. Cycling is healthy, respects the environment and is often cost-saving. Moreover, bicycles with a company logo add to the healthy image of the company. We also made arrangements for people visiting our institute to easily rent a bike at the train station. Thus, providing a customer-friendly service and practicing corporate social responsibility at the same time.


Around 10% of our employees stopped using their cars and switched to using the combination of trains and bicycle. Employees who used to rent a bicycle on a daily basis now have their own bicycles. All employees are very happy with their new transport arrangements.

About Kenniscentrum Sport

Kenniscentrum Sport (Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands) has extensive knowledge about sports and exercise. In recent years, we have demonstrated that applying this knowledge leads to better interventions, more effective programmes and a more competent workplace. Together with several partners, we want to increase the impact of sports and physical activity.


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Please contact us for more information.

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