Cruyff Courts

To give children and youth their playground back!

Johan Cruyff (1947-2016) is known all over the world and with the founding of the Cruyff Foundation he realized that practising sport is not only fun and good for children’s health but also indispensable for the development of children. With experience in over 20 countries, the Cruyff Foundation can deliver high quality projects all over the world. Through Cruyff Courts children in the neighbourhood get a proper, safe place to play sports which gives them the opportunity to play outdoors.

A Cruyff Court is a modern interpretation of the traditional playing field which could be found in many communities, but which over the years has often been sacrificed in the interests of urbanisation and expansion. The children in the community get a proper, safe place to play sports which gives them the opportunity to play outdoors. It is a meeting place; a place where themes such as respect for each other, health, integration, development and playing together are key.

The goal of the Cruyff Courts is to give the youth a safe place to play in the community. To educate coaches and teach them how to engage young people and create role models in the society. Which helps making the Cruyff Courts a socially safe environment for everyone, no matter what background or gender you have.


With over 170 Cruyff Courts in over 70 municipalities we reach thousands of kids and give them the opportunity to play. We’ve als educated over 200 youth workers and community coaches in the Netherlands, which in turn have guided over 2000 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 on the Cruyff Courts via our program Heroes of the Cruyff Courts

The Cruyff Courts can be used as a means to promote the Dutch way of working in the community, using sports for development and peace and demonstrating high quality Dutch products like TenCate Grass, high quality fencing and other opportunities. We have build over 40 Cruyff courts projects and run programs in over 20 countries on 5 different continents.

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