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To stimulate and facilitate a sports club in its own learning process

Sports clubs who are motivated to further develop and/or change their own organisation, can benefit most from the support of so-called Club Advisors.

A Club Advisor is a coach who stimulates and facilitates the club in its own learning process. He/she enriches the process of self-development, by making the club receptive to change and by stimulating the club to take the required initiatives themselves. In case specific knowledge is needed, the Club Advisor can invoke a specialized third party.

Traditionally sports clubs play an important role in Dutch society and are continuously challenged by the government to further develop their position. As a result clubs can also feel social responsibilities, next to their regular sporty tasks. Because the organisation of Dutch sports clubs is based on volunteering, this can result in a discrepancy between available and needed managerial capacities. In such a case a Club Advisor can guide a club in realising the required quality boost.


Research has proven that club culture is an important factor in relation to sense of responsibility. Club Advisors keep this specifically in mind in their supportive role. However, the effect of deploying Club Advisors is not clear yet and is currently being investigated. A co-operation has been initiated with a similar initiative in Germany.

About the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB)

Soccer is the national sport of the Netherlands. With over 1,2 million members, the KNVB is the biggest sports association of our country. Together with almost 3.200 clubs, the KNVB organizes approximately 33.000 matches weekly. At outdoor and indoor pitches, men, women, boys and girls compete each other with sporty and social motives. We love soccer, that’s what we are committed to. Together with clubs, officials, coaches, players, spectators, partners and sponsors. Every day again.

The KNVB offers knowledge and experience in:

  • the general approach of the service concept of Club Advising,
  • creating, educating and maintaining a network of Club Advisors.


Should you like to contact KNVB about the system of Club Advisors, you are invited to send an e-mail to:

Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB)

Sjors Brouwer