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In the Netherlands, Dutch sport institutions, sports scientists, sports clubs, academia, companies and the government work together in interesting projects. They believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the power of sports and exercising. In recent years, representatives of foreign governments and companies have come looking for opportunities to cooperate with Dutch parties in the field of sports or sports science.

Sportfolio presents an overview of projects brought together by Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands. These projects are showcasing opportunities for other countries and companies to join forces. Hopefully this overview will inspire many new and succesfull international partnerships.

AISS Image
Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science
Frank Jol/OIM kinder blade dag
Breaking boundaries – Frank Jol
Club advisor sports clubs
Cruyff Courts – Cruyff Foundation
TU Delft image
Delft University of Technology
image / FME
Dutch Sport Infrastructure
Embedded Fitness Image
Embedded Fitness – sensor technology
Green mobility Image
Green mobility – company bicycles
Greensource Image
GreenSource – artificial turf and clean water
Interventions related to youth and obesity
Image Knowledge Agenda Sport and Exercise
Knowledge Agenda Sport and Exercise
Image Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands
Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands
Image KNGU_Nijntje Beweegdiploma
Miffy’s exercise certificate
Mytemp Image
MyTemp – monitoring body temperature
Netherlands-Ethiopian cooperation in sports
Image swimming
NOC*NSF – organised sport in the Netherlands
Image Orange Sports Forum
Orange Sports Forum (OSF)
Papendal – an exemplary sports centre
Image Paralympic sports policy in the Netherlands
Paralympic sports policy in the Netherlands
Image Quality System sports surfaces and accommodations
Quality system sports surfaces and accomm.
Image Safeguarding and integrity in (youth) sport
Safeguarding and integrity in (youth) sport
Special Heroes Image
Special Heroes – sports promotion programme
Image Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands
Sport and PA in the community
Image Sportinnovator
Sport Innovation in the Netherlands
Sport Innovator Centre Limburg
Sport Innovator Centre Limburg
Image start to run
Start to Run – course for new runners
Image Swim ABC
Swim ABC – teaching children to swim
Image Opening Krajicek Playground Nobel
The Krajicek Foundation
Tovertafel Image
Tovertafel (Magic Table) – an interactive game
VeiligheidNL Image
VeiligheidNL – to prevent sports injuries
Image Instrumented skate TUDelft
Wireless instrumented klapskates
Image WorldCoaches
WorldCoaches – for better football
Image Jeugdsportfonds
Youth Sports Fund Netherlands